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Having lived and studied in a number of locations around Greece, before eventually moving to the beautiful city of Athens, I interacted with many different people and saw things that fired my imagination and creativity. These charming personalities gave meaning to each and every moment, undoubtedly influencing my decision to study cinematography.


I have always been fascinated by the art of filmmaking, particularly after my involvement in television as lighting chef. Cinematography and video editing offered a form of escapism and by creating visual stories I had the power to become directly involved and emotionally moved by my work, both as an individual and artist.


For me wedding cinematography is like a short movie. Every scene is precious and unique, because people add that magical touch. In my eyes every wedding is like a storyboard, full of fun, melodies, smiles, tears and emotions. Custom-made wedding videos, each one as unique as the people it captures, enhancing this new beginning. Exactly as the wedding video of your dreams should be.

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