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Jessie’s studio, called BASKiT Baking Studio, is a growing company, committed to ensuring that all its clients receive unique custom-made sweets (such as cakes, cupcakes, cookies and cake pops) designed and crafted with a lot of imagination and their personal needs in mind. Jessie believes that her projects are completely different from anything else in the market, as she gives her clients a complete and styled candy bar of their preferred theme - not just a collection of sweets on a table.

“It is a combination of confection, crafts and creative direction. ”

At BASKiT Baking Studio the focus is on sweets that people will want to talk about, and that are original, creative and little edible art pieces. One of Jessie’s favourite things about her job is that she gets to create an endless variety of themes, and part of the excitement has always been creating new designs as well as perfecting existing ones. Each sweet and candy bar is lovingly made from start to finish and is totally unique and individual. 

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