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Heraklion’s Archeological Museum is unique if you are interested in the Minoic civilization. The building has 22 rooms spread on two floors. The collections follow a chronological order. You encounter several rythoi (casks), and precise reconstructions of the principal Minoic palaces. Ancient Cretans used to paint on the Knossos palace walls with exceptionally advanced skill. It is most probable that they learned some secret techniques from the ancient Egyptians, with which they had continuous exchange. The visitor will find several 3,5 millennia old paintings still in good shape. Most of the important Minoic frescos are secured in the Museum’s top floor. MUST SEE: Probably the most important artifact is the Festos Disk baring distinct unreadable hieroglyphics, the statuette of the snake goddess, the athlete jumping on top of a sacred bull in a Tavromachia, and gracious dolphins that used to adorn the Queen’s private quarters. Most remarkable is also the minute goldsmith creation of the bee jewel.