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Hello my name is Miltos. I enjoy the little things. I take joy in long rides and I'm easily taken aback by sunsets in Santorini for the last 10 years where I draw my inspiration from.

Photography is what I would like to be known for. I live and breathe emotions and look for that special spark in my clients' eyes that will give life to my photographs.

My goal is to produce amazing photos that capture my clients' essence using a photo-journalistic approach and an artistic aesthetic. I believe that photography should tell a story with authenticity and artfulness.

My videography team consists of two passionate storytellers, artists who are honed in their craft and ready to create a beautifully curated film showcasing one of your life’s biggest milestones. We aim to tell your wonderfully unique love story byways of creating a cinematic experience that you will treasure forever.

Our wedding videography philosophy is to strive to capture the intangible, the inexplicable and find the story behind each moment and portray it with artistry and intent. We seek and anticipate your best moments and translate them into polished visuals. I'd love to hear more about you and your story! Be sure to reach out, tell me a bit about yourselves and find out if I'd be the perfect fit to capture your day!

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