Corfu, in Greek Kerkyra, is an island in the Ionian sea between Italy and Greece. It is connected with the Greek and Italian mainland by several ferry boats from Igoumenitsa, Passo, Venice, Bari, Brindisi, Ancona, and with an international airport with direct flights to numerous destinations. Corfu, was mentioned by Homer in the Odyssey as Feaki, and was established as a Corinthian colony in 733 BC. Throughout history it became the colony of several European kings and rulers for its enviable strategic position in the Mediterranean Sea. Nowadays, Corfu is a favorite summer destination for British nationals and many more, because of its year round pleasant climate, lush scenery and beautiful beaches. Sights such as the city’s old quarter, Achilion, Austrian Empress Sisi’s neoclassic resort, and the military fortifications from the past combined with the various cultural events are all part of the island experience. Corfu has a very European personality and will enchant you with its magical beaches, breathtaking scenery, exquisite cuisine and great wines.

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