Today we are very proud to share with you the most beautiful and picturesque churches in Greece by the new destination wedding planning company Silkentile. Silkentile loves Greece and travel to the most beautiful locations to plan glorious weddings and events.

From Silkentile: Majestic cathedrals bathed in light, tiny chapels set amidst white sands and entire villages washed of colour...we have put together a selection of some of the most breathtakingly beautiful Greek churches, cathedrals and chapels offering a cleansed, white washed space in which to wed.

A cleansed palette creates a serene space and calm mood (for racing hearts), and keeps the focus on the bride and groom, and words exchanged.

Incredibly picturesque, offering both a beautiful journey as well as an incredible destination, we’ re enchanted by the magic of the Greek Churches. Tucked into scenic, beyond spectacular locations, their structures are found nestled amongst hills or clinging to cliff tops. The Orthodox churches are characterized by their particular domed architecture and the well-decorated interiors with beautiful frescoes and holy icons.

Much like the first page of a blank journal, a wedding marks the beginning of a new story, and offers a rare opportunity to pause, find stillness for a moment, feel present and to acknowledge the ancient rituals and beautiful ceremonial sequences, whatever your beliefs and traditions.

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