For quite some time now we have been waiting for a romantic wedding proposal in the most idyllic location, the island of Santorini, to fall into our hands! The photo shoot shared with us by photographer Dimitris Psillakis portrays one of the most important and loving moments of a couple, a surprise wedding proposal, in Greece. Santorini, one of the top destinations for weddings and honeymoons in the world, is also a popular international holiday destination. The couple from California enjoyed a walk on the volcanic rock of Skaros when Yoni kneeled and presented a marvelous ring to the woman of his life, with the sunset in the backdrop. Of course the answer was a big ‘yes’ and happiness was painted on the faces of the beautiful couple that radiated love.

From the photographer: "When Yoni from California first contacted me he was hoping to propose to his long term wife Lindsey on the magic island of Santorini. We discussed various locations where he could surprise her and propose her with the perfect view of Skaros Rock as a backdrop. We arranged a meeting point close to the rock where he would be taking an evening walk and followed them from a distance so that Lindsey would not be suspicious that I was there to capture this romantic surprise. Leading up to the event Yoni even stopped me to ask if I could take a few cool snaps with his phone and Lindsey still didn’t suspect anything. During the walk I was able to capture some journalistic moments as they made their way to the back side of Skaros Rock. Once Yoni felt like the moment was right , in a true traditional style he got to his knee and popped the question with a stunning ring. Lindsey was overwhelmed with happiness and of course she said yes! After the couple had time to enjoy this unique moment we spent some time on Skaros and I captured some great moments between them. Congratulations Yoni and Lindsey!"

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Photography: Dimitris Psillakis Photography| Location: Santorini

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