What could be better than to start off the warmest month of summer with a new post category that we have been wanting to add to Getting Married In Greece for a long time? Travel! Through the magical images of the Greek islands, the capital, northern Greece and so many other places, we will give you inspiration to visit Greece and enjoy the sea, light, food, nightlife, unique experiences and memories of a lifetime! Today we feature the photos shared with us by Cretan photographer Dimitris Psillakis. The white alleys of Paros just before dusk, details that attracted the photographer’s eye, the local architecture, the bougainvilleas, the cobblestone passages and all the elements that are typical of a Cycladic island.

From the photographer: Simplicity and beauty shine brightly on this beautiful island. Looking around at the hills and villages, we feel as if a great modern artist outlined them, with slopes and inclines illustrating the poetic design. Paros radiates the light of the sun and reflects the beauty of the deep blue sea. A festival of fragrances is put on by the bushes, sage, oregano, rosemary, laurel, thyme, chamomile, reeds and the lilies of the sea…the seaweed on the beaches, with a strong aroma of sea iodine. Paropikia is the Capital, the commercial and passenger port and the center of each activity in Paros. In the alleys of the old city around the Castle and the promenade are located shops of every kind, while the coexistence of traditional Cycladic houses with the neoclassical mansions, ancient monuments, bridges, fountains and small churches form a mosaic of styles and eras that will fascinate you. And now how did it happened that I ended up in such a stunning island ? Accidentally after a wedding in Mykonos and because of the bad weather I had to travel back to Santorini through Paros and to wait in Paros for 5 hours until the next boat would depart again for the port of Santorini. Everything happens for a reason and when you change the way you look at things the things you look at change. That is what I thought and I did not wan to miss the opportunity to snap some pictures while I was walking around in the capital of Paros, Paroikia. Walking around as a photographer in Paros is an amazing experience! What a stunning place! I loved it! Narrow paths, blue doors, amazing architecture!

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Photography: Dimitris Psillakis

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