Today’s ultra chic burgundy wedding in Athens will take your breath away. Attention to detail is what defines Silkentile, whose high aesthetics instill the creation of sublime conceptual weddings, such as the celebration they share with us today, captured by the extraordinary wedding photographer Thanos Asfis. A masterly selection of florals blends with golden metallic elements, wood, and crystal to create an ambiance of understated luxury.

From the wedding planners: Every now and then you see it - love in its truest form!A wedding theme inspired by the sensory textures and the evocative scents of the Greek Land! Beneath an infinite canopy of stars and the lush natural beauty of the groves, this wedding in Athens was a feast of all senses!Deeply perfumed flower compositions that embrace eclecticism in a bold pallette of luxe burgundy and grey greenery balanced perfectly with white and blush hues!The element of wood, the countless flickering candles, the earthy tones used for the wedding stationery and the house wine of the couple were the key elements to channel a soulful sense of intimacy!Decadent chandeliers over a table overflowing with delicate confections in gold vintage trays and lush flavors of the country-side, ideal for the wine lovers, were presented over unique setups of candid elegance!Cohesiveness peppered with luxe accents!

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Photography: Thanos Asfis, Vasilis Kouroupis | Planning and design: Silkentile | Flower Design: Silkentile | Stationary: Silkentile | Catering: Dipnosofistirion | DJ: Sound Box Pantelis Asimakopoulos| Venue: Ktima Laas | Location: Athens

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