What a beautiful way to start the week - with this beautiful love story by photographer Angela Shae captured on the favourite wedding spot, Santorini island. We love elopements because they have something very intimate and touching. Two people who traveled from the other side of the world to make their dream come true: to visit magical Greece to live unique moments and fill their suitcases with lovely memories they will remember all their lives. The same happened to Marina and George that are excited with Santorini and celebrated their love in the island’s most beautiful spots!

Wedding Planner Santo weddings by Mk said to us ”Marina and George have the most romantic love story! One afternoon, Marina called a contractor to take care of some repairs at her house. It was a busy day and she was a complete mess, having just come home from the gym when George arrived to work on the house. When she opened the door and met the charming worker, it was love at first sight for both of them. That night after the home repairs were done, George was still looking for a reason to come back. He had Marina's number and didn't miss a beat. He started texting her right away and made plans to see her the following day. After that, the rest was history. A year later they welcomed their baby boy together and decided to move their family to Santorini, a place they both love.

Planning their elopement and coming reception party is truly an honour. For their elopement the bride really wanted a fresh and organic feel, up on the mountain, surrounded by nature and simple elements. The vows were the most important part of the ceremony. To make a keepsake for the couple, we had Hey Halle write them out in brush script in watercolour on cardstock paper. The gown Marina wore was simple and elegant, but also something that was appropriate for a hike. The day was truly special and it was an honour to witness their joy.

The reception with family and friends will take place in August and should be filled with just as much love and celebration. We are planning to host it on the black sand beach and are going to keep the styling very similar to the elopement. It will be relaxed and simple. Reception will be family style dinner with organic textures and greens decorating the tables. Many candles will light the area and we may even get a bonfire going towards the end of the night. We hope to have lots of dancing under the evening sky and twinkling lights. I feel like it will be a magical night full of tight embraces, heartfelt laughter and just very much joy."

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Photography: Angela Shae | Wedding planning and flower design: Santo weddings by Mk | Stationary: Hey Halle | Location: Santorini

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