Saint George’s Park, located in Northwest Greece, Preveza, did the honors to Gabriela and Vassilis, for their smooth cinch wedding ceremony.

The figurative number eight, the number of years passed by, from the day they have envisioned their marriage rite there, curving the same loops as the eternity symbol, orders cherished and well-established fundamentals. Our Bride, attired in a long white gown and a lingering transparent veil attached to her head wreath, holds her wedding bouquet. Florals in pale cantaloupe and sycamore greenish wash, twining the leaves’ sky the plane trees bring to pass, are as well, the stains of the wooden arch. Groom and bridesmaids clothed in Prussian blue outfits, breeze the atmosphere in accordance with the running waters of the park. Phaedra Liakou Events, wedding planner, set up an exceptional arrangement with ligneous benches for friends and family, who attended that day of joy! An enchanting set, several seats, a bowl of happiness and a violin playing, were anything they needed to thrive through their big day. At Nicopolis Club, that seafront wedding venue, nourishment tidbits, peaches, were on top of the all-white table framework. Bottled milky candles brightened the sweet sunset above the seashore.

On a rustic wedding like this one, sycamore trees, eight years and stoned pathways; symbols of eternity in total, funded in the best way ever dreamt, the roots of a long-lasting union.

Phaedra Liakou told us: The first time Gabriela visited Basil's home, about 8 years ago, she had dreamed a wedding into this park. For the ceremony a magnificent scenery was set up, under the plane trees with a dominant element the wooden arch and the benches placed amphitheatrically around it. The simplicity of wood matched magically with the environment and gave you the feeling that everything was there forever ... Greenery and peach were the color palette we choose for the flowers and the decoration, with the favorite addition of peaches, placed on the table, as gift for every guest. The bride, being herself a graphic designer, she designed the invitation and all the stationery for her wedding, focused on the orange of the sun and the blue of the Greek sea.




Photography: Lefteris Kalampokas | Wedding Planning & Design: Phaedra Liakou | Floral design: Lampros Arximandritis | Stationery: Gabriela Gonzales | Catering: Authentiko | Catering Location: Park of Saint George | Reception: Nicopolis Club

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