Photo by: Anna Roussos

Thinking of a place to elope in Greece, before the time comes to actualize it, seems like an easy and simple task. A dreamt setting, with you and your beloved one, some relatives and close friends, a little (big) contribution from an experienced wedding planner, and snap! your elopement in Greece came true. Well, no. Sometimes the easiest part, the place, is rather the hardest one to find. Here are our Top-Picks for places to elope in Greece;


The iconic Aegean island which is synonymous to your destination wedding. From spring till autumn this island offers astonishing views from every location you may choose. Caldera venues especially at sunset time may suggest the perfect background for your elopement photos!

Photos by: Anna Roussos


A cosmopolitan location in the heart of Cyclades Islands. The island of winds, is well-known for the most extravagant venues and splendid beachfront places to elope. If you wish to enjoy a rather low-profile elopement, this location offers as well, excellent spots, to host your ceremony. In any case your elopement will have a scent of star-quality and luxury.

Photos by: Anna Roussos


Located in South Peloponnese, the old castle of Monemvasia, secures some of the most astonishing elopement places you could have ever imagined. Bearing a rough Tuscan aesthetic, with citrus trees and enormous olive gardens, eloping there promises a stoned background full of green.

Photos by: Nadia meli


The aristocratic air of that Ionian island will leave you dazed and stunned. Looking for an elegant chic, charmed elopement, then this is your destination. Apart from the countless outdoor spots with unparallel views, you may book old Palaces like Achilleon or Mon Repos.

Photos by: Aristotelis Fakiolas


A fifty-five km coast range, hosts some of the most classy and cosmopolitan venues and landscapes to elope. By definition, Athens Riviera furnishes breathtaking sea views and awe-inspiring sites.

Photos by: Elias Kordelakos