August is at the beginning, dressing our mind and soul with summery days and cool, dreamy nights. August is one of the most erotic months of the year, with the breeze touching softly our faces every now and then and the sun shining high up in the sky each day of the month.

Today we are about to explore one of the most loving and impressive destination weddings we have seen, ethereal and elegant, with a minimalistic touch and brushstrokes of purple. Wedding planning and design agency Casamento Em Santorini created this remarkable destination wedding in Santorini, using a lot of imagination and providing us with something magnificent.

Santorini is one of the top wedding destinations in the world, combining orange sunsets and breathtaking views with mouthwatering food and elegant, luxurious wedding venues. This island is as cosmopolitan as it gets, and it is ideal for any couple who wants to create a unique, outstanding, memorable destination wedding in Greece.

Dive into one of the Most Impressive Weddings in Santorini we have Ever Seen

We absolutely adored this minimal destination wedding in Santorini, so ethereal and magical that made our hearts skip a beat. The wedding took place in a beautiful wedding venue which was just above the sea, offering a limitless view to the happy couple and their guests, making everything look even more romantic.

What stole all the attention was, of course, this wonderful arch dressed in lush purple floral decorations that offered a fine and out of the ordinary result. We also loved the wedding cake, which was an excellent choice for the theme of the wedding.

The happy couple strolled in the picturesque alleys of Santorini, exploring the island and looking more blissful than ever. They truly seemed to enjoy their love and the most special day of their lives, while walking in magical Santorini.

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