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Asking someone to be in your wedding party is a way of telling that person they are one of the most influen?al people in your life. So, it makes sense that when you thank them for helping you pull off your special day, you do it with some sen?ment. What we are saying is finding the perfect gift to thank your groomsmen is a task that should not be taken lightly.

You need to make sure that the gift you get the guys who have had your back for the dura?on, has a degree of sentiment mixed with a sprinkle of practicality.

Check out this list of five gifs that are perfect for groomsmen. They say, "Thanks for being there for me, here's a cool gift you can use forever."

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There is one rule about giving a wallet as a gift—it cannot be empty. Now, putting cash in it may seem tacky. So, if that bothers you, you can stick a gift certificate or a gift card in it. The local beer distributor or liquor store is a great option. Sporting goods stores are another great options.

Just remember, it’s not what you put in the wallet that matters. The wallet itself should be the gift that displays your sentiment.

One way to showcase this sentiment is to make it a personalized wallet. You can have it say something special, or you can just put your groomsmen’s initials or names on them.

Just make sure you take some time to really think about what you get inscribed because a wallet is something your buddy will look at every day.

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Beer mugs are a great groomsmen gift. It’ can’t be just any beer mug though. Plastic clogs up the Earth, and it ruins the taste of the beer, so it has to be a glass beer mug.

Since you are giving the mug as a wedding gift, you have to class it up. You can do this by getting it laser etched.

You could go with the basics like initials, name, etc. or you can expand your horizons and get creative. You can add a famous quote, or an inside joke, so the gift is something to be remembered.

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Want your buddies to remember you every time they get dressed up? Cuff links are a great gift to spark a memory of your big day.

The great thing about this idea is that you have choices. Choose between gold, silver, pewter, stainless steel, or two-tone.

They also come in many different shapes including oval, rectangle, round, or square. Then there is the font you get to choose from.

Just like the other gifts, you can personalize the cufflinks to match your groomsmen’s personality. They don’t all have to be the same. If one guy in your party is more formal than others, design the cuff links to mirror his style.

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Guys are not as sentimental as women, there’s no doubt about that. But, that’s not to say that you can’t tug on their heartstrings a bit. One great way to do that with a great picture placed in a really cool frame. Find a picture of you with your buddy, and get a frame engraved to commemorate the moment in the picture.

Try not to get a crazy college picture. Do some digging and find one that makes your friendship visible. Your groomsmen will love the fact that they each shared a special moment with you, and the pictures will make for some great conversations during your rehearsal dinner.

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Nowadays there’s pretty much a t- shirt for everything. Websites that offer customized t-shirts have sprouted up all over the internet. A t-shirt is something you know will be used. Who doesn’t love a nice t-shirt that carries meaning? With this idea, you can create a message and design so that they will always remember your wedding. Your choices can range from a classic t-shirt to a monogrammed golf shirt.

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You can never have too many coolers—especially when said cooler is perfectly designed to fit a 6 pack.

Personalized trail coolers are the ideal gift because they flat out say this is my beer. Not only is this gift saying, "Thanks for being a part of my big day." It's also allowing your groomsmen to say, "Hands off, that's my beer."

Talk about a gift that will last a lifetime.

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Finding the perfect gift is hard. And, it's even more challenging when that gift should be something to remember. But, that doesn’t mean you should just buy a gift for traditions’ or etiquette’s sake.

You should actually take some time and invest in ideas for gifts that your groomsmen will cherish forever. After all, how cool would it be if every time your buddies look at something they think of all the times you guys shared together.

An opportunity to be remembered is priceless, so take the time to make it matter.

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