Today we are talking about the reasons you should definitely have a boudoir shooting before your wedding. Read the following article by the lovely destination photographer and member of our premium vendor guide Sotiris Tsakanikas and find the 6 most important reasons you should consider to have this kind of session. Furthermore wedding planner Mazi Events at below classy inspirational boudoir shoot is showing us how to do it!

From Sotiris Tsakanikas: Bridal Boudoir; you’ve heard the words, you’ve probably pinned quite a few uber inspiring images on your wedding board, but still a boudoir session sounds a little intimidating? Here are some (good) reasons why you need to include that kind of precious imagery to your wedding collection.

1. It’s your wedding day. You look ah-mazing

Through my entire career as a wedding photographer, I’ve never come across a bride who doesn’t look stunning on her wedding day. Prepped to the nines with hair, makeup, and tips done professionally, surrounded by every little detail that evokes your personal style and femininity you have already got what it takes to take incredible images.

2. You’re a bride in charge

I love brides in charge. Brides who are not afraid to show their personality before the lens. Your Intimate photography has a way of putting you in touch with yourself. There is something so empowering about feeling great in your own skin and enjoying who you are and not who the world wants you to be. Once you step out of your comfort zone you’ll realize that you are perfect just the way you are and fall in love with the process. Hence …

3. It makes the best gift for yourself

You’ve probably heard that a boudoir session makes a great gift for your future husband. Although this is partially true -who wouldn’t love to see beautiful intimate images of his bride on their wedding day?- I, as a wedding photographer, shall insist, that a boudoir session is a gift to yourself. You’ll probably wish to put a few drops of your favorite perfume behind your ears, indulge in the luxury of your day, sip a little bubbly or simply enjoy your elegant intimate attire at your own pace, focusing solely on your emotions. You get to be your own inspiration and that is so seductive, yes even for your other half.

4. It’s one of the most elegant feminine portraits

Having captured hundreds of bridal boudoir images I can say one thing for certain. Boudoir photography can be inviting and flirtatious, enticing or calm, but fine art boudoir photography is hands down the most elegant of feminine portraits. Think soft milky light caressing your face, a mild breeze in the room and the incredible stillness of moments as you put on your shoes, tie a ribbon around your hair or watch the beautiful day outside your window. You may already have your flowers with you to enjoy, or you may even wish to take a beautiful bath in petals and pamper yourself. Isn’t that truly an inspiration?

5. You can venture outside your bedroom

Think gardens, patios, terraces, pools, villas, lounges, the more thought the more the ideas. Boudoir photography does not necessarily mean bedroom photography. You can move around your space because your confidence will build as we shoot. I’ve documented some of my most beautiful boudoir moments al fresco.

6. It doesn’t come as an extra!

Your wedding day comes with many different photography sessions and your bridal boudoir will only require 30 minutes of your timeline. It won’t cost you extra as you have already booked your photographer for the day. You only need to have scheduled the session ahead so that you both have time enough to capture these precious moments before you slip into your wedding gown and your bridesmaids join us for your session together.

Photography: Sotiris Tsakanikas | Planning and design: Mazi Events | Stationary: Chirography mazi

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