Planning the perfect honeymoon can be tricky. There are so many things you should take under consideration, and most of the times you get stressed during the procedure of planning. There’s no need for that. Today we provide you with 7 tips for a stylish honeymoon in Greece, so as you are carefree before you leave. This magnificent inspiration shoot you will see bellow was captured by Two Clicks, one of our favorite destination wedding photographer.

#1. Pick a Place that is Peaceful and Quiet

Honeymoons are about having some alone time with your other half. Thankfully, Greece has some wonderful peaceful places to pick from. Even if you choose to visit on of the numerous crowded islands in Greece, you can always find places that you and your loved one will find some peace and quiet. You have to pick wisely not only the destination, but most importantly the hotel and the places you will visit.

#2. Book Some Activities for you and your Loved One Before you Arrive

Greece has a variety of quality places to eat, drink and have some rest, and it is a place full of sun and crystal-clear waters. Therefore, you will love to share some activities with your better half, such as scuba diving, spa treatments, boat cruises, high-quality meals besides the sea and drinks under the sun. These are definitely memories you want to create in your honeymoon. After all, these are your unique and special moments.

#3. Search the Places you Want to Go Before you Arrive

I think it’s best you have planned some things before you go, so as not to have everything to plan there. When on your honeymoon, your goal is to relax. Having to pick a nice restaurant or a stroll in nature in the last minute can prove to be extremely stressful. Don’ t leave everything in chance. Choose the right places you want to visit carefully, so as you are peaceful and carefree when there.

#4. Leave Some Time Unscheduled for you and your Loved Οne

There are so many extraordinary places to visit in Greece, that you don’ t want to be on a tight schedule. The best thing to do is to plan ahead most of your trip, but leave some time for spontaneous stuff to do with your husband. I am certain you will find plenty of elegant places to visit when there, so you don’t want to be fully booked and not enjoy some quality time in a new, refreshing place you may discover.

#5. Pick a 5-star Hotel that Fits you

Finding the right place for you can be tricky. However, it is quite important to choose a hotel that covers all your needs. Service is mandatory to be excellent in the place you are staying, so as you don’t have the stress of taking care the little details that can ruin your trip. On the other hand, the hotel you are staying must be stylish enough to fit you and your loved one’s tastes, so you can pick one of the numerous hotels with swimming pool that are so gorgeous that you will not want to leave the hotel.

#6. Book a Honeymoon Photo Shoot

Yes, you will want to remember this. One of the things you shouldn’t forget to do is to book a Photo Shoot with one of the Greek destination photographers from our Vendor Guide, which is a big trend since 2018. Finding the right one for you can prove to be extremely important, since these memories are something you will want to have in you for the rest of your life.

#7. Pack Clothes Appropriate for the Greek Weather

Greece is a place full of sun and beaches. The weather, no matter the season you come, is generally sunny. Therefore, it would be wise to pack stylish clothes with light fabrics, such as linen and cotton (you can choose Zeus and Dione), cozy Ancient Greek Sandals, especially if you are arriving in the Summer, and spacious, light purses that have the right capacity for the necessary things (you can choose Louis Vuitton). Moreover, you will definitely need classy hats and swimsuits (Oséree would be an excellent pick), and elegant jewelry, where I would recommend kk Jewelry Lab. While here, don’t forget to shop stylish clothes from our finest Greek designers and brands, which will refresh your wardrobe and style.

Extra Tip: Don’t forget a high-quality sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun.


Photography: TwoClicks Photography




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