This exquisite wedding in Santorini truly stands out. Its elegance, its romance as well as the idyllic scenery of Santorini make our hearts melt and our eyes seek for more. There are so many things in this wedding in Santorini that we absolutely adore. And, as you see the images that follow, we are certain you will also fall in love with every bit of this creative and filled with flair wedding in Santorini.

Wedding Planning and Design Agency Divine Weddings created a remarkable decoration for this wedding in Santorini, which was so rich yet classic that truly spoke to our soul. Simultaneously, the photo shooting agency Phosart Team provided us with an outstanding result, creating images that resemble the authenticity of the moment, as well as the love of this beautiful couple.

A Filled With Flair Wedding In Santorini

This wedding in Santorini is filled with flair and dipped in glamour and elegance. From the bridal details in the hues of silver and gold, with the absolutely gorgeous golden crown of the bride, to the lush flower decoration and the rich décor in the wedding ceremony and reception, everything looks just magnificent.

We fell in love with the color pallet, white and soft pink, which covered most of the details in the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception. We also thought that this stylish arch was a fantastic idea, filled with flowers in vivid colors, with huge pink curtains falling on each side, creating a sense of magnified beauty and glamour. Furthermore, we adored the huge and chic bows in the chairs in the wedding ceremony, as well as the totally white urns that were the base for the table.

What we also thought was amazing in this wedding in Santorini was the wedding reception and more specifically the wedding table. Dressed in soft pink and white, with beautifully matched golden details and red candles, this wedding table looks like a real fairytale. Again, the huge and elegant bows in the chairs of the couple are the protagonists of the show, this time accompanied by the large golden calligraphic words “Bride” and “Groom”.

All in all, we totally recommend the style that this wedding in Santorini has adopted, since it combines rich elements with glamour and elegance. See our photos bellow and don’t hesitate to find our vendors HERE.