What would you say if I told you that you can have one of the most charming and aesthetic weddings in one of the most beautiful islands in Greece? That’s the kind of destination wedding that Lefkada hosted, an island full of sun, endless crystal-clear seas, and sandy beaches. There, next to the romantic Venetian buildings, you can have a very graceful and at the same time stylish wedding, just like George and Penny did. Destination photographer Giannis Vrachoritis captured the bride in her most phenomenal moments, emphasising on her balletic, aetherial wedding dress, in which I absolutely adored the laced top. If you wish your special day to look unpretentious yet dazzling, you can also choose a flower decoration that is based on greenery and a mix of white flowers, while hosting the wedding reception next to the sea may be an excellent idea if you want to achieve a more romantic style. What I really loved was the way the white tables matched the traditional air of the island, as well as the magnificent pink sky from the setting sun of Lefkada that hugged the fresh decoration beautifully. So, if you are on preparations for your wedding day, I am certain this romantic and charming wedding in one of the most beautiful Greek destinations will inspire you.

Giannis Vrachoritis said to us: "Lefkada is the greek island that every couple would love to take a stroll in before their special day, and make their first steps to a new life! It is a path of pastel colors, romantic Venetian buildings, sunny beaches and warm hearts. It is also the place that is related to the archaic poet Sappho, the ancient Greek goddess of love Aphrodite, and Odysseus, the hero of Homer's Odyssey.It was such a pleasure for me to travel in this magnificent island, and even more because this beloved couple ask me to take their photos in this old fashioned but charming Ionian island. A few steps away from the blue-green sea, Giorgos and Penny chose a small white greek church for their ceremony. You're going to love the green floral harmonious decoration of entrance of the church!There is always a special moment in the greek summer, the sunset! Near the sea, the sky turned purple for this lovely couple! Don’t forget to take a look at her charming wedding dress. The venue was a wonderful space close to the Ionian waves and it was the best spot for a party. I loved these traditional greek tables and chairs, and how great they matched the flowers! It was the magic of simplicity!"


Photography: Giannis Vrachoritis



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