This wedding in Peloponissos will steal your heart away. As you dive into the images that follow, you will fall in love with the lush floral decorations, the vivid contrasts, and the rich decor that follows this bride and groom’s love story.

The holidays have officially started in Greece since Monday, and we are finally free to enjoy the sea and the sun the way we like it. Our Greek islands are again filled with people and tourists since our borders are now welcoming everyone who wishes to live the Greek experience. However, apart from the islands, Greece has many magnificent places that worth to be explored and visited, such as Peloponissos.

Peloponissos is one of the most marvelous wedding locations, and it belongs to the Greek mainland. It has many heaven-like beaches and is filled with lush greenery and beautiful mountains, combining sea and mountain in one magnetic scenery. This lovely couple chose Peloponissos to have their destination wedding, and the wedding location was truly ideal.

Get Fully Inspired By This Wedding In Peloponissos, Which Is Filled With Vivid Colors

Vivid colors always create an outstanding final result at weddings, and this wedding in Peloponissos is proof. Filled with burgundy details and elements, while also including white and green details, these colors create perfect contrast with each other. That is, we think, the magic that embraces this wedding in Peloponissos since each color was put in such a way that works as a complementary element to a fabulous final canvas.

We found the wedding bouquet to be absolutely fantastic, lush and fresh as it was, and we absolutely adored the bride’s wreath which matched perfectly the floral decorations as well as the bridesmaids’ dresses. We also loved this filled with lush greenery arch which stood in front of a majestic view of the sea and mountains.

The wedding reception was really classy and tasteful, reminding us of nothing we have seen before. Placed in the middle of the sea, the long wedding table was an explosion of white and burgundy, romantic and passionate, while there were elements of olives and oil.

All in all, we found this wedding in Peloponissos truly amazing, a fresh, unique, special point of view when it comes to colors and decorations. Peloponissos can be the ideal location for you and your better half to exchange your vows since it has plenty of remarkable venues and places to choose from.

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Photography: Vasilis Kouroupis

Flowers: Red Box Days

Rentals: Zazoo

Wedding Cake & Sweets: Pavlov's Lab




Planning & Design:Exclusive Wedding Tales | Photography: Vasilis Kouroupis | Flowers: RedBoxDays | Furniture Rentals: Zazoo | Wedding Cake: Pavlov'sLab | Art La Table: White Lilac | Favors & Gifts: Naturally Greek | Wedding Venue: Petra & Fos Boutique hotel and Spa

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