Probably Skopelos is that Greek island which offers the extraordinary sceneries of that lavish greenery, among the emerald-blue waters of the Aegean Sea! Rocky shores, the crystal aqua element, bending trees, and a destination wedding on board! A beloved couple chose to get married in Greece, and found a sailing shelter for their love, where only two could fit the deck of joy and harmony!

Linen fabrics, leather sandals and smooth color tones attired both the bride and the groom. The bridal outfit was a one-piece long linen, beige dress, a creamy fabric headpiece covered the ponytail hairstyle of the bride, and some golden jewelry matched the yellow tone of the wedding bouquet. The groom was dress up in a summerish style suit, that one of a pair of linen trousers and a long-sleeved t-shirt combined with a light-grey vest. Sunglasses for both please, and hats for the guests! However, the dazzling Greek sun rays were not able to steal the shine from their faces! Beginning that wedding trip for two, on a deck that everyone would be jealous of, our lovebirds enjoyed breathtaking sea views! Decorations on yacht, even on such special days are not common. Yet here, Vesi and Yannis Simopoulos Destination Wedding Photographers, captured some decoration details which magnified our glance! Handmade paper lanterns with white ribbons all over the boat, framed a love story with a salty Aegean twist.

Bathing suits are ideal for such yacht wedding settings, so did the couple follow that pattern and enjoyed the freedom of their bathing suits! Setting the common ground on the water is a unique phenomenon we enjoyed much, passing through those destination wedding photos, hopefully as much as you did!


Skopelos Island


Photography: Vy Simopoulos|

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