This last day of June, we decided to provide you with magical wedding ideas and help you get fully inspired by this fairytale wedding in Santorini. Love has always conquered even the toughest of us, and through our wedding blog, we wish to touch each and every one of you deep in your heart and inspire you to dream big.

That is the reason why we decided to offer you this remarkable, outstanding wedding in Santorini, so as to find the inspiration you need and keep dreaming big for the most special day of your life. Destination photographer George Liopetas provided us with some deeply moving images of this wedding in Santorini, making us once again fall in love with this remarkable island and feel like we were a part of this happy couple’s most special day.

June finally comes to an end, and the rest of the summer awaits us to relax, get filled with joy and blissful emotions, and plan our dreamy destination wedding in Greece. As the sun is shining, so does the hope in our hearts that the days that follow will be the best of our lives.

So, while you are enjoying the following images, pay extra attention to the golden details on the wedding table, which looked so luxurious and stylish it blew our mind away. Santorini is one of the top wedding locations around the world, with its unforgettable orange sunset, the infinite blue sea, and the volcano with its magnetic energy.

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Destination photographer George Liopetas told us:

“I always love a shoot inspired by era fashion and an island theme. Especially when it comes to a destination wedding!

Our beautiful couple, Ruchenda and Peter, surely knew how to create a sensation for their unique guests traveling from Cape Town, California, and New York City to attend their whimsical wedding earlier this summer in Santorini.

Santorini is one of the Aegean island's grand dames, loved by creatives, supermodels, and A-listing crowds alike. Its maze-like cobbled streets with hidden alleys and neat limestone homes, where bougainvilleas and succulents thrive, are simply untouched by time, just like our shooting grounds.

Ruchenda, remembering her whole life 'into' the fashion magazines, 'smelled like elegance'. The fashion was an eclectic mix of amazing designers, Lorette Designs who dressed our stunning bride in a lace mermaid gown, Christian Louboutin whose vintage heels rocked the entire bridal outfit of the period. Artisanal precious stones by Tiffany & Co. brought personality to the bridal trousseau and a fancy stone single served as our main engagement ring.

Our groom Peter, in a summertime breeze through elegant style, rocked his Dolce & Gabbana attire with details from Cristian Dior. Our groom was totally into the nines with the print of the season.

Shooting on the premises would have sufficed, yet we couldn't help but take to the iconic blue domes and bell towers strewn across Fira town. The nonchalant, stunning views of the dizzying caldera are definitely a must in Santorini weddings.”


Santorini Island


Photography: George Liopetas | Videography: Yanni Hood | Wedding Planning & Design: Ever After Days | Wedding Venue: Santo Wines | Shoes: Louboutin world | Groom’s attire: Dolce Gabbana | Gown: Lorette Designs

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