In a levander twist, on the hills of Central Greece, Yiota and Dimitris, share their love. Through that engagement photo-shooting, in the pictorial village of Pavliani, that charming couple revels in its' chemistry and allure.

Our dear couple, like walking down on their own cottage's garden, in fresh and airy outfits, redirects the establishments of their first attraction and magnetism. Their frames are so alive we can sincerely smell the sent of the surrounding humid grass, and hear the sound of the light breeze-whispering throygh the leaves. An affection which pours out from both , emphasizes the altitude of their secret spot between the lavish forests of Vasilikia Mountain Farm and Retreat. Located in a place of outstanding natural beauty where traditions and customs remain very much alive, a contemporary yet long-established resort hosts the ideal retreat for a romantic getaway like this one.

A booking made just for the two of them, where only they will be the witnesses, of how a common life path will finally be.

Our partner and destination photographer, VY Simopoulos, told us: "Beauty lies in the heart they say and central Greece certainly carries tons of it everywhere a couple casts their eye. Our Yiota and her Dimitris had their hearts set on a mountain escape for their engagement photography and -we needles to say- had the sweetest place to propose. We took high up to Vasilikia Mountain Farm and Retreat on the rockies of Pavliani set admist a region of striking contrasts and spectacular vistas. As home to two of the country's oldest national parks and highest mountains, our destination's serene lakes, rivers and outstanding beauty were the most idyllic setting for some celebratory slings in the shade, endless walks under the greenest canopies and to channel all the simple joys that make life so wonderful to experience. Congratulations beautiful couple, ah, we can't wait for your wedding day."

Friends and family on their upcomming wedding day, will be the observers, of the realization of the dialogue, which took place on those wooden chairs. Swinging on the hammock of their devotion, Yiota and Dimitris feed their soul and give us a glimse of mountain romance.


Central Greece, Pavliani

Photography: VY Simopoulos


Hotel: Vasilikia Mountain Farm and Retreat|

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