Today is the perfect day to enjoy the sun and, along with it, to enjoy this marvelous, romantic beach wedding in Naxos. Naxos is one of the most amazing and beautiful islands in Greece, and it was ideal to host this sentimental wedding which truly stole our hearts.

Destination photographer Stella G provided us with some truly fantastic photos of this happy couple’s marriage, making us feel like we were a part of their wedding. We absolutely adored every bit of it and we hope that, by checking out the images that follow, you will get fully inspired for your own destination wedding in Greece.

A Beach Wedding in Naxos that Spoke to our Hearts

This beach wedding in Naxos spoke to our hearts since it is as romantic and sentimental as it gets. We were totally moved by the love these two people show to each other, hugging in any chance they get. We adored the minimal and stylish decoration of the wedding, with this fantastic flower decoration beside the sea, where the happy couple exchanged their vows.

We also adored the wedding reception and the wedding table, dressed in the hues of blue, all classy and elegant, reminding us of the blue skies and seas of Greece. Of course, we could not miss mentioning the party that took place after the wedding reception, filled with their friends and family, while the two husbands seemed fully satisfied and filled with blissfulness.

Naxos is the perfect island to get married since it offers a breathtaking view, a memorable sunset, and beaches that are ideal for a beach wedding. Dive into the images that follow in order to get fully inspired, and find your wedding vendor HERE

One of the husbands told us:

“Cameron and I met in London in the summer of 2014. One of the most beautiful summers ever. We got engaged in Barbados while enjoying a three weeks Christmas vacation in the Caribbean. He proposed in a morning walk while we were standing on a cliff with the most spectacular uninterrupted views of the gorgeous Caribbean ocean.

(In order to get ideas for my wedding) I researched for a couple of years and created my own Pinterest boards. We planned a three-night celebration for our guests so each event had a different theme. We had a pre-wedding dinner, followed by a wedding day and a farewell dinner. We also had a survivor’s brunch for our guests the day after the wedding which was so much fun. Naxos was the first island we visited in Greece and we fell in love with it. We came back year after year, befriended the locals. It was our romantic spot. It had everything we wished for a greek wedding.

Each night was different from the others. The first night was at Rotonda on top of the Apirathos mountains. The sunset there is breathtaking and the family owners always made us feel like family. We went for a lemon theme and place all around the theme: yellow, greens, white and included proper lemon trees as well all the stationary.

The wedding night was at the Medusa Resort. Very private with a secluded feeling. We got married on the beach and had the ceremony at the resort so it was important for us to keep the sea and land elements of the area. Light blues, whites, and pastels. and the last night was at our favorite taverna, Axiotissa. It’s surrounded by nature, rugged terrain and olive trees so we stick again with the elements: green, olives, earthy colours.

We hired Naxos Eye Weddings to help us plan all the three events. It’s fundamental that you hired a good wedding planner so not only you can count with their expertise but also have the local contacts. I also suggest having the photographer and videographer in all events if you are planning more than one to make sure they capture the beautiful memories.

For the wedding day, we went with the tradition of something new/something old/something borrowed/something blue.

We wore suits at pre-wedding dinner and at the wedding day, but we changed outfits throughout the nights to keep fresh and keep the element of surprise on these days. For the pre-wedding, we wore light blue and peach color suits to go with the sunset theme. For the wedding day, we got married to off-white matching suits and we changed for sky blue and a cerise color suit. We wanted to be fun and different. For the last day, we decided to go for a casual/chic look all in pastel colors.

After we got married we had a few minutes by ourselves, and our photographer Stella suggested we leave immediately for photos in another location which was a great idea. It was very magical and fun because we were able to savour the moment just the two of us.

Greece is a beautiful country that has everything a beach wedding destination needs so we would recommend it for a destination wedding.

(My advice to the couples that are preparing to get married is) research a lot. Visit the place a year before to meet vendors, wedding planners, locations, taste the food. Take photos for reference and notes of everything. We made fun as we were on holiday and really set the mood for the wedding".


Photography: Stella G. Photography


Naxos Island


Coordination: NaxosEye Weddings & Events | Venue: Medusa Beach Resort & Suites | Art de la table: White Lilac | Cake & Sweets: Aktaion Pastry Boutique | Calligraphy:Ambletters | Rentals: Diakosmos Rentals Services & Paros Catering | DJ: Nikos Alatas Elite Wedding DJ | Live Music: Louis Vlahakis | Videography: Soft Focus Project Wedding Films | Hair: Hair Stories | Pre-Wedding Dinner Venue: Rotonda | Pre-Wedding Florist: Anemona | Farewell Dinner Venue: Axiotissa

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