Today, as this week comes to an end and the sun is hotter than ever before this year, we have decided to start together a new category, this of the “Collections”. Each Friday we collect the best elements of a wedding category and offer them to you, in order to have a complete image about each part of a wedding, get fully inspired and create something incredible on your big day.

So, today our collections’ category starts with… wedding cakes! One of the most important parts of a wedding is the food. And, to be exact, the wedding cake. The wedding cake can be said to represent all the happy and sweet moments you are about to share with your better half and, as you have seen in the slide show above, it has to be as characteristic and special as your love for each other is.

The Wedding Cakes We Loved The Most

Luxurious, elegant, stylish and surely delicious, these wedding cakes made our stomach crave tasting them. All of the wedding cakes on our collection are so special in their own way, that will truly inspire you to find your wedding style and pick the appropriate wedding cake for you.

From the wedding cake made of cheese, to the flowery one or the one which was sugar coated with a laurel wreath, we absolutely adored each and every one of them, since they have their own different approach and special touch. We found the wedding cake made of macaroons to be a fabulous, different idea, while we fell in love with almost total black wedding cake with the golden dripping, which was so exceptional and majestic.

Choosing the right wedding cake for you can be quite tricky, since you need to combine a fantastic taste with an impeccable appearance that stands out. However, with the right wedding cake designers you can have a top result that everyone will remember for the rest of their lives.

If you haven’t checked out our wedding cake collection yet, then dive into the slide show above and find the wedding cake that suits your style and taste better. Find all our wedding cake designers and experts HERE.