A bachelorette party or weekend is a must-have celebration, that you are going to arrange with your besties before your wedding. A honeymoon cruise, as it is called, is a great concept for a pre-wedding festivity where everyone is invited! So, from the couple, along with their friends and family, to small guests, a Honeymoon Cruise in Greece is your new dot on your planning schedule for your destination wedding in Greece!

Hitting the road with the principles of a successful alike cruise, you should first hit the sea! Booking a small cruise ship for at least a day or two, is a thing you should prioritize at least 8 months ago. Small wooden cruise boats, which can host up to 45 guests, are appropriate and ideal for your pre-wedding celebration party. If the amount of money you have as a budget is wide-ranged, you can look for those cruise-boats which can sleep your guests as well. In any case even a single day honeymoon cruise is going to satisfy your dreams and leave your beloved ones with the best memories.

A cruise like that, should begin in the very morning and end with the sunset. Likewise, you will seize every moment of the day with fascinating and exciting activities. Small islands near the shore or just tiny swim-pit-stops are a must-have! Remember to pass your favorite playlist to the captain and while the music plays capture your enjoyable dives and gatherings on deck. Except of the photos, memorize to have some fresh fruits and plenty of refreshing drinks for your friends and family. (Snacks are acceptable too, since you are not going to swim again)

An extra swimsuit or an outfit to capture as many memorable photos is an optional extra. What we firmly and sincerely recommend is to reassure, that everyone on deck has the same tension as you to have fun and enjoy that day or weekend, before your Destination Wedding in Greece!

Special thanks to destination photographer Lefteris Kalampokas and Phaedra Liakou (wedding and event design) from our premium Vendor Guide .

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