Today at the destination wedding blog Getting Married In Greece we present you a beautiful and romantic seaside wedding in Athens Riviera by the talented destination photographer and member of our premium Vendor Guide, Tselina Tseliou. At one of the most popular athenean wedding venues, Island, lush floral arrangements in white and pink roses are simply impossible to ignore. Each decorative element breathes elegance and creates such a romantic and intimate feel. Don’t miss the amazing captures of the joyfull couple from England, Hannah and David!

Photographer Tselina Tseliou said to us: Here's a confession: I love the Brits, this jolly, tea drinking nation that knows their rose gardens better than any of us, and when Hana and Daniel contacted me and Antonis to capture their Athenian wedding I was over the moon. The two met while working for the British University in Athens and they have been an item ever since. It was only natural for them to wish to tie the knot in the city that brought them together. I had so many great reasons to love this gorgeous bride and groom: Hana is what I always picture as the ideal bride, smart, witty, infinitely sweet, delightful to be around and with a serious flair for wedding style! But the couple's oh-so-chic choices run further than the pretty ditsy floral bridal robes, heavenly bridal gown and dapper suit! They wished the wedding to start early (I mean time is a thing in England and they worked their wedding timeline perfect I must say) and we had all the day to enjoy photographing their portraits, celebration and fun times with friends and family! Island in the Athenian Riviera was a wonderful fit for this wedding celebration, with its wide spaces and sea vistas spreading far as the eye can see. High summer in Athens meant the sweetest, milkiest light and you will probably agree with me, their happy smiles and radiant looks speak all about how much we all savored every moment! Antonis Argyrakis and I, worked together as a photography team , we shared the inspiration and we captured the joy of the special wedding story! My dear Hannah & Daniel congratulations again on your beautiful new family, may you always be blessed with happiness and love!

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Photography: Tselina Tseliou & Antonis Argyrakis | Flower Design: Studio Filothei | Wedding Gown: Arka | Hair & Makeup: Freddy Kalobratsos | Wedding Venue: Island | Destination: Athens

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