Welcome to spring Santorini! Today we are exploring one of the most gorgeous and popular islands in the world, located in Greece. It is the place you can relax and sunbathe in some of the most unique beaches in the world, full of sun and endless blue seas. It is the place you can enjoy one of the most extraordinary and breathtaking views you can find, while the most famous sunset in Greece hugs you softly among vast green mountains, white washed traditional island houses and crystal-clear waters. And, it is the place where destination photographer Christos Mavraganis captured some of the most beautiful and stylish photos you can see, expressing the magical moments of love and tenderness these newlyweds were experiencing. Christos Mavraganis provided us with photos that imprint the magical sensation and view of the place, emphasizing on the blue and green scenery that hugged the happy couple. I think that Santorini can be the ideal place for your destination wedding or next day shooting, since you can visit one of a kind places, such as beaches Eros and Vlychada, while an excellent idea for a photoshoot is the Red Beach, which is actually red. The volcano is a great part of the culture and life of Santorini, since its energy affects the feeling you get of the island. Furthermore, you can find some marvelous places for the ceremony and the wedding reception, all stylish and classy. In my point of view, Santorini is a fantastic idea to enjoy your special day, not only because of its sophistication and elegance, but mostly because every part of the island is a unique canvas for a magnificent photo shooting.


Photography: Christos Mavraganis



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