Getting married is an enormous milestone in a person’s life and it is undoubtably the day that perfection underlines your vision and orders your alike aspiration. The top-pick elements of a wedding are usually amidst the wedding gown, the stationary, the flowers, the menu and the venue. The brides to be tend to miss-think the ideas of their entrance either to their wedding ceremony or to their wedding reception.

Speaking of perfection, we mean perfection! Perfection with bold capital letters in everything. And here is why: a classic car for your entrance can touch every aspect of your rearrangements and serve many purposes on the same time, effortlessly uniquely. Basic things like impression and just making an entrance are two of them. A vintage classic car will make your entrance social media friendly, grand and special and of course will drive you where you want. Make the groom happy by offering him the chance to drive his dreamt classic car surprising him the day of the wedding! During a wedding it is now trendy to rent some photobooths for you and your guests to take some personalized snaps back home. A classic car may not fit one’s head like a pair of sunglasses, but one may sure fit on a car and both can fit in an amazing photo! Thinking about the next day photo-shooting? Bearing in mind that the next-day photo-shooting frequently takes place days or months after the wedding day in a different outfit, a classic vintage car will put you again in the shoes of your big day, so no matter the time passed by you will have the same enthusiastic mentality again! Plus, your photos will match the previous ones!

Renting a classic car for a couple of days apart from only one, especially if we talk about a destination wedding in Greece, will give you the opportunity to arrange a honeymoon day trip with it, somewhere around the wedding location, since the small Greek mainland is near islands and islands are quite small.


Photography: Two Clicks Photography | Wedding and Event Planning: White Stories Events | Flowers: Fillo Flower Studio | Car: Vintage Classics | Wedding Gown: Anna Anemomilou Anem | Wedding Ring: Lousta Thysiadi | Make up: Katerina Chatzoglou | Hair: Athina Lambrou | Coordination: Getting Married In Greece

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