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Those two terms of weddings, for many mean the same thing or for others the one is included in the other. They both share many identical elements, yet they have many differences and that is how you can choose which one is the best for you!

A Destination Wedding (probably in Greece) is a miniature of a traditional wedding which takes place and happens as we are all used to, however the location is faraway from home where the couple stays a couple of days after, for their honeymoon. Picking up a destination wedding, may save you money from your bucket, since the first thing to cut off is guests. Only the closest will come to share your joy! What is more, many resorts offer bargain bookings for the venue and the accommodation as well, let alone the catering and drinks. The range of location is various from Santorini, to the Greek Mainland in Peloponnese or even the Ionian islands, when we talk about getting married in Greece. Unfortunately, there are some drawbacks, like many non-invited will feel hurt or you will have to look for local vendors.

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An elopement is a more intimate and private kind of wedding. This category, orders that the newlyweds get married in secret or in total privacy without parents and relatives. The good fact here is that the destination is free of borders and musts! Choose a small house in the Aegean Sea or a hotel in Cyclades even a tent on the beach. Focusing on the couple is less expensive and stress-free. The target is your needs and wishes, the wedding schedule is like organizing your vacations and there is no dress code. Imaging getting married in your bathing suit or your resort-wear. Making special your elopement is easy, since you can choose to elope on board or during a cruise in the Mediterranean. The only cons is that you may miss your friends and family, however no one is invited so no bad feelings!

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So choosing between a small tribe or a limitless wedding week its up to you! Now you know the pros and cons as well as you have the opportunity to look through our local vendors in Greece!

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