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Destination weddings were and are, by far, one of the most popular trends in the wedding field, bear alone the wedding itself and the elements like the wedding gown and the stationary. Choosing to get married away from home, orders good planning capabilities, careful time-management, and maybe not a lot of, but for sure, additional information for your wedding destination (mind that travel guides do not count and will not help at all-been there done that-we swear there are better resources!).

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The three elements stated just above, are incorporated in the identity and expertise of local wedding professionals, like planners, photographers and videographers.

Weather and lighting differ per place, season and time of the day. Your local vendor is your best bet for advice. Santorini island offers spectacular views, but not all times of the day are ideal for weddings. The sun can easily dazzle you and even never caption a good photo.

Ideal wedding schedule and connections for a specific venue you have in mind, are included in the expertise of the local planners.

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The advantage of hiring a local photo/videographer is that he might know some ideal spots for photo/video shooting.

Don’t be afraid to get in touch with local wedding vendors! Choosing a local one, could save you money from your budget since you probably won’t pay extra, for tickets and accommodation. So, more bang for your buck! Extra money could be invested in a pre or after wedding photo-shooting!

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Having in mind of Getting Married in Greece? Get a glimpse through our local wedding vendors’ list and do not hesitate to get in touch with them!

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