Paros is a picturesque Cycladic island surrounded by the Aegean Sea in Greece. Today, one of Getting Married In Greece’s favourite destination photographers Sotiris Tsakanikas shares with us some stunning and wanderlust-inducing photographs from a recent trip to Paros that leaves us dreaming of our next getaway. Also i’m grateful for lovely and super talented Vana Efklidou from White Ribbon events showing us around.

Vana Efklidou told me: I am not a local but I have now experienced 2 winters and 2 summers in the island and I believe that you can tell a lot about a Greek island by visiting it in the winter. Locals in Paros are not “summer locals” which means they don’t vacate the island as soon as the summer season is over. They are appreciative of the tourism they get in the summer but crave the time when the scenery changes, streets empty, shops close and they can get back to a more rural life. This is their home so they are not looking to fast-capitalize on the passing tourism but rather appeal to those who are looking for an island that does not reveal itself so quickly.

While the neighboring Cycladic islands make headlines and the ferry boats unload hundreds of tourist groups, Paros stands happy to welcome those seeking a location with just the right balance. It has quaint whitewashed hillside villages like Lefkes and Marpissa with truly rustic tavernas and picturesque corners for those seeking to “meet” the original island life and cosmopolitan towns like Naoussa and Parikia with hip bars, polished restaurants and fashion forward shops that will keep you busy for days.

If you are looking for a location to stay, to strike the right balance pick the outskirts of one of the bigger towns of Naoussa and Parikia. You can’t but spend your mornings exploring hidden untouched beaches and coves like Mikri Santa & Laggeri but also if you are looking for a more organized beach setting with sunbeds and large umbrellas while you sip your cocktail go to Santa Maria, Chryssi Akti, Faragas or Marchello. Its also worth visiting the famous rock formations of Kolymbithres for an afternoon dip and perhaps some paddle boarding on the crystal smooth sea surface and an astonishing lunar landscape surrounding it. On your way to the airport stop at Pounda beach to see the sky fill-up by the colorful sails of kite boarders.

And if like myself are exploring the wedding scene, the island has to offer a lot. Local vendors are exquisite if you are looking to minimize your budget or use the native resources. From the local caterers to the florists, sound and lights provides as well as DJs you will definitely find what you are looking for here. Polished beach side restaurants or countless luxury villas for those seeking a more refined setting are available for you to choose for your reception. If you are opting for a Greek Orthodox ceremony, chapels like Agios Fokas, Agios Ioannis Detis, Agios Nikolaos at Pyrgaki or even Agia Kali & Pateronisi if you wish to transport your guest on the adjacent islets which is a super unique experience, are just some of its many options while for civil ceremonies the Parikia town hall has one of the most breathtaking balconies where these are performed.

The island is well connected with a brand new airport and port with European destinations, Athens but also most of the other Cycladic islands.

When I think of Paros I think of the island with the right proportions. Unspoilt from mass tourism , with s much to do and see and filled with places that have character and personality. It is without wander that Truman Capote spent one of his life’s most memorable summers here in Paros in the 1950s.

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