So, this week begins and this month comes to an end, bringing with it all the hope that June will be better, more blissful, filled with happy moments and memories. As the summer is approaching step by step, and the sun is finally burning, reminding us of its presence and of all the nice days that are ahead of us, we present you an exceptional, romantic, sentimental wedding video from an outstanding destination wedding in Santorini.

Destination videographer Iraklis Rigas, in collaboration with creative studio Velvet Rose Studio, created something special for us today: the chance to dive into a sea of love, romance, and moving moments, and to feel in our hearts how strong and vivid love really is. Through his wedding video, Iraklis Rigas managed to almost make us cry (we swear we almost had tears in our eyes!), and to dream of soft, sweet summer days with our loved ones in an island, something we all need and want more than anything right now.

If you are searching for wedding ideas in order to create your own remarkable, one of the kind destination wedding in Greece, then you most certainly need to watch this supreme wedding video and, we promise you, you will get filled with inspiration, blissfulness, and fresh ideas that will truly inspire you.

A Wedding Video of an Exceptional, Romantic Destination Wedding in Santorini

Get ready to fly with us into the sky and higher, since, by watching this wedding video, your heart will melt and your mind will be blown away! Style, elegance, and opulence, combined with vivid moments of love and sentimental emotions, carve out an enviable final result.

Natasha and Austin, this beautiful, lovely couple, decided to get married in Santorini, one of the most breathtaking places on Earth. Their friends and family were all there to support them and wish them the best of luck at this beginning of their journey, speaking through their hearts and following them each step of the way.

While Anna Roussos was capturing through her lens their first kiss, their first dance, their first looks as a married couple, Victoria Kiriakides, had designed an unforgettable, filled with flair wedding dress for the bride. We absolutely adored the unbelievable view and the magnetic scenery in front of which this chic and glamorous destination wedding in Greece took place, while we found the wedding venue, Eros Santorini, to be ideal.

Santorini can be the ideal wedding location for all the couples who wish to create something special, luxurious, stylish for their wedding day, as well as memories that stay untouched by time. If you wish to get married in Greece, then you should most certainly visit and explore Santorini, and consider it as your wedding location.

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Photography: Anna Roussos | Videography: Velvet Rose Studio | Bridal Gown: Victoria Kyriakides




Wedding Planning & Design: MRco.Events | Pre wedding Venue: Aenaon Villas Santorini |Ceremony & Reception Venue: Eros Villa Santorini | Florals: Petridis Creation | Furnitures: Stylebox | Stationary: Tsaldaris Luxury Craft | Bridal Make up: Elena Psoma | Hairstyling: Go beauty To go | Entertainment: Kanakis Dimitris | Sound & Lights: United-Stratis Karadimitrakis

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