This outstanding and exceptional photo session, organized by the Phos Workshop, will provide you with some wonderful ideas for your special day! Spetses, one of the most beautiful islands hosted a unique photo shoot captured by Fiorello Photography. A great idea that you can apply in your wedding is to create a total white decoration, that embraces simplicity and style. Pay attention to the wedding table that is located literally on the sea, creating a fantastic image. If you apply this in your special day you and your guests will be able to enjoy some very romantic moments. If you get married in a Greek island, make sure to have a photo session or a next day shooting by the sea. It will provide you with some unique memories in the breathtaking Greek sceneries.​

Fiorello told us: If you are thinking about getting married in Greece, in one of the amazing seaside locations, this seaside wedding in Spetses will inspire you! Spetses looks & feel like a part of Paradise on earth. Especially, for film photography lovers like me, Greek natural light is spectacular. Spetses has it all… marine destinations, seaside locations, romantic outdoor beach ceremony venues, amazing historical hotels like Poseidonion Grand Hotel in Dapia, coast panoramas, scenic coastal villages on the shores where you can arrange your wedding party and summer holiday in Spetses. Aegean sea will welcome your wedding day for a wonderful and stylish wedding. Have a look at this breathtaking view. Warm light and Mediterranean sea breeze for your big day! Doesn’t look intimate and super romantic for an early morning wedding reception by the sea? Of course, it does!


Photography: Fiorello | Event planner: Think Happy events | Cake design: Pavlov’s Lab | Furniture rentals: Zazoo Event Rentals | Make Up: Frantzeska Koukoula




Workshop Organiser: Milton photo | Workshop Organiser: Les Anagnou | Bespoke Wedding Stationery & Calligraphy: Paperocelot | Hand dyed silk ribbons: Song bird silk | Flowers: Jim Labrako | Linens & tableware rentals: White Lilac | Wedding gown: Noon on the moon | Costume: Christakis Athens | Text editor & Digital Strategist: Areti Vassou

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