There are so many magnificent islands in Greece, and this wedding in Kefalonia is proof of that. We all love Santorini, Mykonos, Crete, Ios, and Naxos, however today we are exploring the beauty of Kefalonia, an island that is famous for its sandy beaches and crystal-clear seas.

June is already halfway through, and most of the Greek islands are filled with Greeks who wish to have their summer vacation. Since yesterday, the Greek borders are finally open for most countries around the world, and now more and more tourists arrive at either the mainland or the islands, in order to spend their summer in one of the most magical corners of the world.

Following this spirit, we want to help you explore as many wedding locations as possible, so as to make the right decision for you when it comes to your wedding day. This wedding in Kefalonia will get you ecstatic with its wedding ideas since it is minimal and chic in an unforgettable kind of way.

A Wedding In Kefalonia That Will Stay In Your Mind

This wedding in Kefalonia will stay vivid in your mind since it includes extra stylish elements and a romantic sensation that every wedding should have. Destination photographer George Kossieris created some incredible images, which will inspire anyone who looks for fresh and classic ideas for their wedding day.

We adored the images with the bride and the bridesmaids, all dressed in white, holding white flower bouquets, looking so beautiful in their floating dresses. White was the prevailing color in this wedding in Kefalonia, always classic and classy, creating a calm feeling in our hearts.

We also fell in love with the minimal and filled with flair wedding reception, also covered in white, which offered a chic final result. The happy couple got photographed in front of the waves of Kefalonia’s sea, looking so filled with love and romance that our hearts skipped a beat.

Kefalonia, this marvelous island with absolutely gorgeous beaches and wedding venues, seems to be ideal for a classy and memorable destination wedding in Greece. Dive into the images that follow and find all our wedding vendors HERE


Photography: George Kossieris

Videography: George Kossieris


Kefalonia Island


Photography: George Kossieris | Videography: George Kossieris |Flowers: Fevronia Luxury Consepts| Wedding Planning & Design: Fevronia Luxury Consepts

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