Today’s outdoor wedding in Halkidiki will help you get filled with all the wedding ideas you need in order to create a fantastic destination wedding in Greece. In fact, while you check the photos below, your day is about to get a lot brighter!

Wedding Planning and Design Agency SooEvents, created a really remarkable outdoor wedding in Halkidiki, combining perfectly the elegant simplicity any destination wedding needs, bringing nature in our plates and helping us enjoy their impeccable results to the fullest. Simultaneously, destination photographer Thanos Asfis provided us with images that speak to our hearts and make our journey through his pictures a harmonious and blissful experience.

Tania and Ian chose Zattero Seaside in Fourka, a truly beautiful place in Halkidiki, to exchange their vows and promise eternal love to each other. Halkidiki is unique, magnificent, signed with the Greek flair and style, filled with sophisticated resorts and outstanding landscapes that call out to you to dive in their tranquility and natural elegance.

This place turned into the perfect incentive for our beloved couple and their guest to spend their days secluded in total comfort, escaping from their busy lifestyle and enjoying the natural beauty of the place, as well as their love for each other.

All the Things we Adored in this Outdoor Wedding in Halkidiki

There are so many things we adored in this outdoor wedding in Halkidiki. To start with, we fell in love with this colorful and filled with glamour stationery, which was covered with calligraphic letters, sealed with wax and carried a beautiful vivid pink ribbon on one side, offering a truly supreme spectacle for our eyes.

Moreover, as we are great fans of outdoor weddings, we felt calm and blissful with the wedding ceremony, which took place in front of a spectacular landscape, where the sun makes you dizzy and the sea takes you to a journey of everlasting romance. We absolutely loved the round arch where our lovely couple, Tania and Ian, exchanged their vows, and we totally adored the rich, country chic decoration in the wedding reception.

All in all, this outdoor wedding in Halkidiki is a great pool of inspiration, while the decoration and the landscape add their own luxurious and stylish brushstroke to the whole image. Get fully inspired by checking out the rest of our destination weddings in Greece and find the right vendor for you today. Click HERE.