This gorgeous and tasteful wedding in Serifos island, amazed me with one of the most exotic decorations by MBW event planning company. In the photos below by destination photographer Nikos Mylonas, you can enjoy the radiant bride wearing a beautuful Rime Arodaky wedding dress with a diaphanous lace detail on her left leg, as she walked beside her beloved through the island, towards the church. The ceremony reminded me of a great party among good friends and family, which was followed by a dreamy Moroccan inspired wedding reception by the sea, full of greenery, pink proteas, white candles and Morrocan lanterns. The orange and blue glasses blended smoothly with the wooden tables and chairs as well as the red vases. Take inspiration in the following photos.

Head wedding planner Vasso Vadali told us: Dimitra and Vangelis are both architects with high aesthetics and a unique taste for beautiful and harmonious things.

They chose Serifos, a small alternative yet enchanted island of the Cyclades, known for its natural beauty. Serifos enchants instantly her visitors with with its simplicity, the wild beauty of the landscape and its sandy and pebble beaches. Her colors resemble to a painter's palette. It is a place that preserves its natural form and authenticity. Chora, a model of a medieval fortified settlement, stands amphitheatrically on a rocky hill above Livadi, the port. It hides picturesque streets with small, narrow white washed houses and many churches.

They wanted a beach wedding, modern styled with a mixture of Moroccan elements. We started with the color palette. Dark green and burgundy red were the main colors assorted with some softer ones as, mint and amber yellow, and earthy tones of grey and beige.

Setting up on an ”empty” beach might seem easy but trust us it’s not. You have to make it look compact, intimate, cosy and inviting to all the guests.

The bridal bouquet was made out of olive branches, baby burgundy – pink roses, burgundy astible and some hydrangeas. Dimitra, the bride, wanted it to be simple and smooth, so that it want take credits from her amazing Rime Arodaky wedding dress. The dress, oh the dress! Simple lines, with a short cut in front covered with the most amazing lace, same as the lace used to cover the back of it! Elegance and chic at its best! Dimitra styled it with some old fashion diamond earings.

At the ceremony, we kept it simple as it was performed in a traditional white washed chapel on a hill, overlooking the Aegean Sea. The beauty of the chapel of Panagia Skopiani is breathtaking so we just added some free styled eucalyptus branches on its white walls and a statement arrangement of our flowers on top of the main entrance door.Fresh fruits, infused cold water and panama hats were offered to our guests, to ease them from the summer heat.

Moroccan lounge areas were created for our guests. Canopies with Moroccan carpets, pillows and the traditional Moroccan coffee tables were calling for our guests to sit back and enjoy one drink overlooking the Aegean Sea. A dessert table, with “Arabic” vibes, was set full of traditional delights and lots of fresh fruits.

A statement head table, literally feet in the sea, 4 meters long. All wooden, specially made for the couple assorted with classic “Viennese” styled chairs. The table was surrounded by a 4 meters decorated pergola, with local greeneries (eucalyptus). A dominant crystal chandelier in the middle created the contrast we wanted but assorted with lots of Moroccan little lanterns immediately transported us to some magical secret luxurious gardens of Fez.

Four statement tables, that were used as a natural “border” for our set up on this endless beach. Wooden ones, 3 meters long, with a tailored made pergola based on them. The pergolas, were decorated with dry vineyard branches and hydrangeas. A mixture of big black embroided Moroccan lamps together with old fashioned Edison lamps and Moroccan lanterns assorted with a flower ball hanging from the pergolas were used to create an amber, mysterious yet romantic atmosphere during the evening, after the sunset.

Not your usual centerpieces. Medium size urns (amphoraes) painted in burgundy red and filled with foliage and greeneries assorted with all kind of King Proteas and some wax flowers. The urns were assorted on the tables with crystal Moroccan style small vases with foliage, orange Proteas and wax. The mixture of orange, soft pink, red - fuchsia of the flowers combined with the colorful earthy yet soft colors of the tableware used made the whole table to look as an “extravaganza” in its simplicity!