If you have decided to get married in Greece and you are searching for the ideal location, you might get confused with which of the countless magnificent islands you should choose for your special day. However, during your research, you should keep in mind that one of the most extravagant Greek islands is Crete, a heaven-like location of exceptional beauty.

Crete has so many things to offer that you will adore travelling along its seas and mountains. It has numerous sandy beaches with crystal-clear waters, mountains and canyons, mouthwatering food and a beauty that is rare and very difficult to be found. Moreover, due to the fact that it is a quite big island, it offers a variety of options when it come to the location of the wedding ceremony and reception. If you wish to have an elegant, dashing wedding, then in Crete you can find large churches with great history and architecture, as well as many luxury resorts and venues to create the wedding reception of your dreams. On the other hand, if you wish to create a smaller, more intimate and traditional destination wedding, then I’m certain you will find many chapels and Greek taverns that will cover all your needs. The sunny landscape as well as the forests that are full of greenery and trees are ideal for a next day session or a tour with your loved ones, while you can choose to have a beach wedding in one of the various gorgeous beaches. The smell of the olive trees and the traditional attitude of the residents will make your trip worth even more. It is not a coincidence that many people compare Crete with Tuscan !

While Crete is a fantastic island for your destination wedding, you should make sure to find the appropriate wedding planning and design agency to provide you with the best possible result. Gamos Crete will prove to be an excellent choice, since it is known for their unique taste, elegance, style, and of course its exceptional organization and service. Their goal is not merely to help you create the destination wedding of your dreams, but also to provide you with a remarkable result that will make this day so special you will remember it for the rest of your lives!

Gamos Crete told us: Have you always dreamt about having a wedding amidst glorious sunsets, unspoiled seashores in a laid-back ambiance and welcoming settings? If yes, then Crete should be the destination for your wedding. Rustic or contemporary, extravagant or down-to-earth, whatever style of wedding you wish to have; this little slice of Paradise in Greece will turn all your dreams into a reality and make your big day unforgettable.

But how do you set the planning process in motion? Where do you start?

I think that if you have the time and resources (and a group of family and friends willing to make the journey overseas…who wouldn’t want to?!) planning a destination wedding in Crete is actually pretty straightforward.

Is it legal?

Before focusing on the planning part - this is the first question to answer, and the answer is yes.

A wedding in Crete is perfectly legal, provided you follow some clear-cut guidelines. Unless you speak Greek, it's very important that you find a good, bilingual, wedding planner. This is where I can help. I can take care of everything for you - from the simple legal requirements to liaising with the caterer, florist, local town hall, photographer, musicians... whatever you need to make your day complete.

Choose a wonderful location

You can decide from a wide range of charming locations for your Cretan wedding. Perhaps you favor the elegance of a beach wedding. Crete is very well known for their amazing beaches. Feet in the sand and say ‘I do’ perhaps even during the sunset.

A perfect wedding in Crete is away from the tourist centers and heading to a more hidden, beautiful and tranquil place. For example olive groves in and around a traditional venue such as a winery or a traditional farmhouse surrounded by mountains, nature and sea view is the ideal venue for a rustic wedding at a natural environment. The beauty and allure of this rustic, Tuscan-styled wedding venue is beyond imaginable. Chania prefecture has a lot of traditional rustic venues, which are perfect for your Destination Wedding in Crete.

If you always have dreamt of a beach wedding, then Crete, both full of charm and character is also home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece and is well known for its sunny and hot temperatures. Areas such as Chania and Rethymnon prefecture have some of the finest beaches in all of Greece. Any beach from this region can create a perfect backdrop for your wedding day.

Plan in advance

Weddings in Crete are quite trendy the last years and it becomes important in this context that loose ends of your wedding day are sorted out full in advance so that things don't go haywire at the eleventh hour. A fair degree of help could be hired in this regard from a professional Wedding planner.

Any wedding dream you have, I'll be able to support you with my knowledge of the beautiful island of Crete and a unique creative flair. So, just relax and enjoy – knowing that your wedding is in safe hands. For more tips and advices for the perfect wedding in Crete, get in touch with us.

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Photography: Gamos Crete

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