If you are searching for the ideal flower to incorporate into your wedding theme, then you should most certainly take under consideration one of our favorites, bougainvillea. As this week comes to its end and the spring is about to leave us so as to enjoy summer, we decided to create this slide show collection of ways to include this magnificent flower, bougainvillea, in your wedding theme.

Creating an outstanding, amazing wedding theme for your destination wedding in Greece may take a certain amount of time, energy, research and devotion, so as to make sure that you are deeply satisfied with the final result. However, creating the perfect for you wedding theme is truly important if you want to live the most special day of your life the way you want and wish for.

In any case, in order to assist you have a more complete image of how you can use bougainvillea, we decided to create this remarkable collection of ways to incorporate bougainvillea into your wedding theme, as well as to provide you with some extra information of this beautiful and special flower.

All You Should Know About Bougainvillea And The Ways You Can Include It In Your Wedding Theme

To begin with, bougainvillea is a flower that we mostly see in Cyclades, in the small alleys of islands like Mykonos, Paros and Tinos. Its characteristic color is fuchsia, but you can also find it in light orange or ivory hues. When it comes to the use of bougainvillea in a wedding theme, it can be the protagonist of the decoration or have a secondary role.

Truth is, that as time goes by, more and more couples decide to incorporate bougainvillea into their wedding theme and decoration, since it has a rare beauty and its colors are vivid. It can be a part of your wedding bouquet, the wedding cake, the stationery, the wedding table or the arch.

Therefore, since we really adore this particular flower and we strongly believe that it can enhance your wedding theme and help create an extraordinary decoration for your destination wedding in Greece, today we are presenting you the best ideas we have seen until now with bougainvillea as a basic or secondary element.

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