Of all the colors we have seen in weddings, burgundy has a special place in our hearts. Its vivid essence can help you create something truly majestic, which will make your wedding decor stand out. While many brides opt for more classic colors, such as white, we strongly believe that by using burgundy at your wedding you can really make a difference.

As this week comes to its end and you are preparing for your summer destination wedding in Greece, we thought it was the ideal moment to introduce you to a different point of view on the color pallet you can choose from. Our today’s proposal is, as we have already mentioned, burgundy, a color filled with life and freshness.

In the images of today’s collection, you can find all the possible combinations you can create with this fascinating color, as well as the combinations we loved the most.

Burgundy: The Color that will Make your Wedding Stand out

To begin with, burgundy can be either used as a complementary color to your original color pallet or be the main one, in order to create a unique, special final stamp. Vivid colors, in general, may not be your first choice, but we hope that by looking at the images above, you will realize how beautiful they can look.

So, we know that when you are thinking of your summer wedding, you most likely do not think of using this color at your wedding. However, as you can see in our collection, you can use burgundy in many different ways. You can include it in your flower bouquet, the arch, the wedding table, even in the groom’s costume. If you make the right combination, then the result you will get will be remarkable.

Burgundy can promote your personal style and aesthetics while creating the perfect contrast with the rest colors of your color pallet. Being a passionate color, it can help you enhance your wedding decor, without making anything look odd or out of place. Finally, we need to point out that you can mostly use brushstrokes of burgundy in your wedding, but you can easily use it as your main color.

In any case, burgundy is a magnetic color that will enhance your wedding details and help you carve out a memorable final result. Check out the collection above and find all our wedding vendors HERE

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