If you are thinking of having a beach wedding and you are wondering which the right place for you is, Mykonos is the answer. This classy and natural destination wedding in one of the most magnificent beaches in Mykonos, planned by M&A Mykonos, will make you dream of paradise, since it is full of romance, and the scenery really looks like heaven. Destination photographer Chris Gouberis captured beautifully the natural light of the day, creating sentimental moments through his photos, as well as magnificent portraits, which emphasize the love of the happy couple.

This wonderful decoration in the hue of white is a great idea for any beach wedding in Greece, since it comes in perfect contrast with the blue sea and sky. I found the unadorned stationary, which was embraced with gold metallic elements and straw, simply gorgeous, and I must admit I truly adored the fact that instead of the traditional throw of rice, the happy couple chose colorful flower petals. For a more everlasting result in your wedding, you can use a flower decoration with a variety of flowers such as succulents, which is classic and elegant, and an ivy arch that adds majesty to the whole setting. Furthermore, If you want to follow the new trends, you can choose a chic sheath wedding dress, which is also the royal trend, and is perfect for a beach wedding. Last but not least, you can easily apply the idea of using the evil eye as guest wedding gift, which is a Greek amulet and is believed to provide you with protection, health and prosperity.

The wedding planner told us: We met Jessica & Ralph almost one year before their wedding date in Mykonos. They were both very excited, friendly and pleasant but at the same time quite serious about the outcome they wanted to reach and the efficiency of the planning process they expected from us. In other words, a great couple to work with! Jessica and Ralph had from the beginning selected the venue that they wished to have their wedding at. It was Pili restaurant at the area of Agios Ioannis, the neighbor that Ralph was raised as a child and loved with his heart. The same love was also shared by Jessica who has visited Mykonos so many times and heard so many stories that felt like home to her as well.So the basic elements that would describe this wedding were the coming together of family and friends to the most welcoming island, the significance of memories and emotions, the presence of the greek traditions and the sweet reunion of old friends.

"In terms of styling, the wedding was chic and natural. The total white scenery of Pili was decorated with an amazing marble effect stationery with gold metallic elements and the flowers used were mainly succulents, a variety of white flowers and eucalyptus. The wedding arch, the centerpieces, the enormous flowers arrangement of the welcome table, the romantic hanging lanterns.. all created an ethereal atmosphere exactly the one that Jessica and Ralph has dreamt of when envisioning their wedding.

Jessica & Ralph congratulations.. your wedding touched all of us and has left a mark on your beloved island!"


Photography: Chris Gouberis | Stationary: Manousenia




Photography: Chris Gouberis | Wedding planning & design: Mamykonos | Stationery Design: Manousenia | Florist: Cycladitiko Aroma | Venue: Pili Restaurant | Wedding cake: N'ice cream | Chair rentals: Blue furniture | Fireworks: Big Fire

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