Image captured by Sotiris Tsakanikas

Today we are taking you to a magical journey, in a paradise-like place, a small heaven on Earth. I am talking of course about The Margi Farm in Kalyvia area of Attica. Who said luxury and style can’t be combined with Mediterranean tradition and organic sensations? In a wonderful, ideal location, The Margi Farm is an alternative suggestion for all kinds of events, from corporate to weddings, operating in collaboration with Boutique Hotel The Margi.

You will be astonished by the elegance of the place, the classy and simultaneously unique decoration style, the exceptional service, and of course, nature! Nature in all its glory, hugging with love and tenderness every guest that is lucky enough to get to this spacious land, a land full of flowers and greenery. You will fall in love with the peaceful and quiet atmosphere that is created by the countless lavender bushes and olive trees, and this is what will certainly make your guests relax and enjoy your event. For me, being there is a journey in wonderful smells that reminds me of carefree days in the country, a dive in natural scents and feelings of peacefulness.

However, The Margi Farm is not known merely for its amazing premises that are surrounded by nature. Every guest feels special and is treated in the best possible way. The exceptional thing is that The Margi Farm is used for growing organic products that are used in the meals, such as oil, fruit, vegetables, eggs and cheese. What I truly love about this place is the attention the stuff pays in every little detail, creating a cozy and yet palace-like environment, for every soul to rest and celebrate their special moments. Take the opportunity and take a journey to this gorgeous, breathtaking small farm in Athens!

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