This destination wedding will blow you away! Next to a breathtaking view, the gorgeous bride Jess decided to exchange vows with her loved one, Tim, in Santorini, one of the most popular destinations in Greece for weddings. Destination photographer Anna Roussos captured this beautiful couple sharing their most loving moments, while wedding planning and design White Ribbon created a stylish decoration in the hues of pink and gold. I loved the way the wooden and golden elements blended smoothly with the unadorned decorative style, and I believe that what made this wedding stand out was the emphasis on details, such as the elegant stationery and the calligraphic name tags. You can definitely choose to have a couples session next to a magnificent view, with mountains and sea hugging, and nature lying in the surroundings, especially if you are getting married in one of the countless Greek islands. This couples session provides the couple with some memorable moments from their special day and makes them look unbelievable on camera. Moreover, take a careful look at the wedding reception and the wedding table. All elements matching perfectly, the candles, the glasses, the napkins, and of course the chic white and pink centerpieces. I was astonished by this dashing destination wedding, and I am convinced you can get some wonderful ideas by the photos below.

"How did you and your husband meet, and how did he propose?"

"Tim and I met our freshman year of college at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Though we were friends throughout university, the timing was never quite right. We both ended up in New York City after college and the rest is history. Tim proposed on our 4-year anniversary weekend (after spending the whole day making homemade ravioli and rolling out the dough using a wine bottle because we didn't own a rolling pin). We spent the night eating delicious ravioli and calling our closest friends and family."

- "Where did you take the ideas on your wedding from?"

"The island itself! It’s such an inspiration."

- "How and why did you decide to get married on this destination?"

"We had never been to Greece, but knew we wanted a special destination for our wedding, and we were consistently drawn to the beauty of the caldera views and laid-back atmosphere. We always wanted a more intimate destination wedding and we wanted to make sure our guests would be thrilled with a very special experience."

- "What was the decoration style, and what colors did you choose?"

"The inspiration for the decor was a mixture of earthy tones with some softer and romantic pinks infused in the flower, tableware and linens."

- "Did you hire a wedding planner?"

"Yes, we hired Vana (White Ribbon Boutique Events), that understood what we wanted from the start and made it possible for us to have a dreamy wedding."​

- "How difficult was it for you to choose your wedding dress, and why did you finally choose this one?"

"It was easy as I was looking for something open and simple."

- "What was your favorite moment on your wedding day?"

"The exchanging of our vows next to the caldera view and the presence of our family and friends."

- "Would you recommend Greece to your friends as a wedding destination?"

"Yes. It is a mixture of sea, sun and fresh air, ideal to make the most beautiful memories for your wedding."

- "What would you advise the brides-to-be that are now on preparations for their destination wedding?"

"Find a great DJ who will be able to keep the party going."


Wedding Planning and Design: White Ribbon | Photography: Anna Roussos


Santorini Island


Coordination: WhiteRibbon | Photography: Anna Roussos | Venue: Rocabella Hotel, Santorini | Wedding Gown: Lela Rose | Florist: Red Box Days | Cakes: Pavlov’s Lab | Bridal shoes: Jimmy Choo | Bridal hair: Bella Santorini| Shoes: Louboutin Paris | Bridal make-up: Renia Santorini | Menus: Nice Plum Calligraphy | Invitations/Stationary designer: Brown Fox Calligraphy | Furniture: Spicy Bites

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