All the romance and unity of the world can be seen in these Santorini elopement images. Images that were captured majestically by the photography studio Velvet Rose Studio and that narrate a different tale of love, a tale that won’t be easily forgotten.

Karen and Li, a couple filled with warm and deep feelings for each other, had one of the most marvelous and elegant Santorini elopements we have ever seen, an elopement that really stayed in our minds and hearts for the days that followed. All this style and flair you are about to witness wouldn’t be possible without the excellent organizational skills and the endless imagination of Wedding Planning and Design Agency Stella Moscha.

We were astonished by the imposing wedding flower bouquet of the bride and the way it matched her lush wedding dress. We can’t forget to mention the romantic stroll of this lovely couple in the beach, with Li wearing a phantasmagorical green dress, turning her literally in a floating princess flying above the golden sand. It’s the same dress she wears in the amazing picture in the gate of the chapel in which she is about to get married.

The scenery that hugs the lovely couple when they exchange their vows is breathtaking. It is a very good idea to choose a chapel or church that’s build inside nature, either it is above the endless blue sea, like this Santorini elopement, or next to a vast forest. Nature can certainly transform your wedding day in a green or blue fairytale. It always has its way of creating fantastic moments for you and your guests, as well as it provides the wedding design with an elegance and graciousness.

Furthermore, this impressive wedding table is one of the main reasons that make the wedding design stand out. Black and white are the protagonists of these pictures, surrounded by romantic blush pinks and ivories, energetic ochres and sophisticated grays. It is a remarkable idea to create an minimal wedding table based on an imposing color, like black, and surround it with flowers with colors that remove the initial monotony. This trick works fantastically here.

Last but not least, we absolutely adored the idea of volcanic stones working as name tags, which was very original and innovative.

Take some wonderful ideas by the following pictures, in order to create your own romantic and authentic wedding day or elopement. There are many ways you can create an elopement that is out of the ordinary. Thinking out of the box will surely help you to live the most special day of your life the way you wish.


Santorini Island


Photography: Thanos Asfis| Photography Studio: Velvet Rose Studio|