I had the pleasure of visiting the Vasilikos heritage suites over a long weekend in Santorini. Perched high on the Caldera cliff, The Vasilicos has a long history of hosting lazy lunches and sun-drenched holidays. Every corner has a story to tell, each ledge is someone’s favourite place on earth. Formerly the private sanctuary of a passionate art collector, The Vasilicos consists of a constellation of hyposkafa, the cave-like structures typical of Caldera architecture. Furnished with unique pieces, either commissioned or handpicked from the family’s private collection, the beautifully pared down suites resonate the ambience of an eclectic and highly private den; the history of the property can be seen in every comfortable and elegant detail.

Transitioning from carefree summer house to unique boutique hotel, the condition was that The Vasilicos become a hotel in terms of functionality but remain a summer house in spirit. Little clues telling the story are apparent everywhere: an inquisitive guest might enjoy such an exploration as they might a treasure hunt:

The Vasilicos, as a name, is a word play on the owner’s name and his beloved basil plants, as well as a reference to the Greek for king/regal. Echoing the word “basilica”, it is an allusion to the Monastery above, and on the periphery of all this one finds an even gentler one to the Leo star sign that dominates the August summer sky.

One of the best features of the Vasilikos is that you feel cozy and tranquil within the hotel as a whole. Newlyweds would definitely enjoy dipping in the pool, dining on the terrace, checking out the evening entertainment, and then being able to retreat to the privacy of their honeymoon suite! The Vasilikos offers three different honeymoon suites.

Perhaps their most famous suite, situated on the top level of the Vasilikos, Pergola has always been special. Its signature feature is of course the pergola which has shaded years and years of lazy get-togethers, through the heated plunge pool has recently emerged as a star in its own right. Don’t leave without enjoying a relaxed afternoon in quiet companionship, reading in the shade.

Always called Efta – number 7 – this is the most private, and – some would say – most romantic suite of all, favoured by artists, introverts, and lovers alike. In return for its small size, Efta offers the most hidden of hideaways; lying in that secret cove, listening to the gentle sound of the sea below must be one of the ultimate The Vasilicos experiences.

The Vasilicos suite has been named, as has indeed the entire hotel, after the two basil plants that always flanked its entrance, a true sign that summer had arrived. An elegant one-bedroom suite, at the top level of the property, Vasilicos opens onto a huge terrace with spectacular Caldera views, the outdoor jacuzzi privately tucked away. If you enjoy space and feeling on top of the world, this is the suite for you. Don’t leave without enjoying a long leisurely brunch on your terrace.

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