Today i'm sharing with you a beautiful, sentimental engagement session at the amazing National Gardens in Athens by our selected vendor and talented destination photographer George Ladas. Pre wedding sessions are a fantastic way to capture the love between two people before the wedding and also take some casual photographs to complement their formal wedding portraits.

Bride to be said to me: "Ever since I first visited the National Garden of Athens, as a little girl I was amazed by it. A romantic almost magical garden in the heart of the city, looking like it popped out of another century. I could picture the lovely ladies walking under the palms and next to the pont sharing glances with the fine gentlemen who were trying to win their hearts, just like in the romantic novels. So when George Ladas asked us where we would like the pre-wedding photo shoot to take place, Nikos did this favour to me. After all the shade and coolness of the garden was making it a great choice in the middle of the hot Greek September.

I met Nikos 5 years ago in Patras and I knew almost immediately that he was the love of my life. A modern gentleman, with a kind heart a strong character and great sense of humour. We became inseparable almost immediately and last winter during a surprise weekend in Arachova he proposed. The wedding ring was a vintage golden ring with an emerald tear shaped stone. After all he knew that this was my favourite stone. It was an intimate simple and honest moment that I will cherish forever. We decided to marry in Athens as our jobs did not allow us to find the time to prepare a wedding in another location."

At the time of the pre-wedding photoshoot just 2 weeks before the wedding we were in the heat of the preparations, having a lot of unfinished businesses. Nikos as usual was trying to calm me down while I was feeling like it was the end of the world...

I chose to wear a dusty pink, romantic, midi skirt with a bow at the back, and a white light shirt. I wore flower patterned heeled shoes to match the romantic garden. Nikos wore a blue shirt with geometric patterns and a light coloured pair of trousers, with blue suede shoes. He was charming as always! We met with George Ladas and his team at the entrance of the Garden, early morning to avoid the heat. They were smiling calmly, full of confidence, looking sure about what they should do. Unlike me... The first visitors were already in the garden enjoying the scenery. The garden was amazing as I remembered. Immediately we felt like we went on a trip to the past. Hundred year old trees, flowers, a long pergola covered with leaves, rusty fountains and the singing of the birds , took us away form the city buzz. It did not take long for us to start feeling comfortable and almost forgot the reason we went there. We were walking calmly in the narrow paths of the garden enjoying the scenery and feeling like we were in a romantic movie.

George was directing and photo-shooting us discretely, knowing how to bring out the best of us and capture the most natural moments. George Ladas shooted us under the pergola, next to the pont and the fountains under the enormous trees, or sitting on the old wooden benches like so many other couples in love. Benches carved with those couples names into hearts. Everything went smoothly and the photoshoot helped us relax and feel confident that the wedding photoshoot was in the best hands possible.

I trusted he could capture our love in photos and in video. Walking around the Garden, holding the hand of my 'knight' I was the happiest girl in the world. I was living my romance coming alive from a romantic novel. Just like those girls that walked those paths before me shoulder to shoulder with their true love ...Happily ever after. "

Selected Vendor

Photography: George Ladas



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