A scenery well-known for the breathtaking destination weddings it hosts, and continuously succeeds to jaw-drop us, is profoundly Santorini Island! Probably a setting that is not common for those perched balconies with the uninterrupted Aegean Sea views, is a destination wedding reception and some wedding portraits including a vintage car! However, additional elements and details on every set, stole the show from the antique Mercedes Benz.

Introducing a smooth preparation, our bride is attired in a delicate transparent robe. Powdered with her warmest sensations for her best day, seizing a love inspiration from her husband who is dressed up in a breezy summer suit in light blue and white colors, she collects the sun rays and begins to set up her bridal look! A sleeveless wedding gown, with discreet transparences through its’ embroidered patron, a tactful décolleté, and a pair of nude high heels fulfilled the aspiration of the bride’s outfit. A loose hairstyle lets the Santorinian air to indulge in those black colored silk tales of the Queen of the day. Peonies like fluffy cotton pastries and a couple or pink garden roses merged with traditional olive leaves created a lavish wedding bouquet. White houses decorated with pink bougainvillea blossoms, eucalyptus’ leaves and more peonies, witnesses of a white donkey fellow transporter and the protagonists of the day, host a magnificent traditional wedding ceremony in Greece. A white vintage Mercedes Benz car, ideally matching the bewildering rocky views of Santorini, was a contrasting yet sublime detail of that boutique wedding in Greece. White and blue domes, sea gulls’ sights and sea birds’ views slide us in the balcony of the wedding reception, following the paths of the lights above the table.

A romantic minimalism occupied uniquely the wedding reception. More pinky florals, gold cutlery and chairs with rose napkins and white plates, captured and framed in those jaw dropping destination wedding photos!