Naxos is the biggest island of the Cyclades in the Aegean Sea, offering an exceptional location for a couple to host their destination wedding in Greece. So tenderly crafted by nature, that place could only accommodate a dreamt proposal for the ‘I do’ on an airplane rote, connecting the imaginary line across the Aegean up to Australia!

Danielle dressed in a classy white long wedding gown, with handcrafted details on certain parts. The sleeveless dress matched superbly her delicate hair bun which was pinned with an amazing hair silver jewelry. Groom was navy-blue suited up mentioning the chromatism of the sea which touches both the shores of Australia and Naxos. Pink and ivory garden roses, with rosemary and green leaves, sprinkled the floral rearrangements of the wedding bouquet. Like a gate to the sea, their bamboo wedding arch emphasized the Cycladic windows with hanging white curtains and balanced pale flowers. Plaka Beach offered her hospitality to the sweetest vows ever heard by John and Danielle; those two lovebirds who immediately got allured by the beauty of the small paves of the island. A small private strolling around the scenic and colorful alleys underlined the main idea of this destination wedding, that of a simple elegant island wedding, with low-tempered elements and reception settings.

Sotiris Tsakanikas, destination wedding photographer, offered through his expertise some of the most amazing portraits we have ever enjoyed until today. Taking part in these colorful pallet of a Naxian wedding was like touching the sunset on the sea.