Apart from the cosmopolitan aura that Mykonos Island offers, it guarantees as well, aspectacular wedding destination, for traditional low-key weddings in Greece. Perched onsmall cliffs on the Aegean Sea shore, tiny orthodox chapels and reception halls are there towelcome guests, relatives and of course a couple which chose to get married in Greece!

Ioannis and Constantina selected a traditional white themed wedding mood board. Bluedetails and black spots offered a little contrast to the whole scenery of that destinationwedding in Mykonos. The bride prepared with her besties on a balcony, in a cozy robebefore getting dressed in an elegant pearly white sleeveless wedding gown. Her hairstyle inwet look was left without a veil or a bun, letting her magnificent diamond jewels to shinewith her. A pair of nude-colored Prada heels walked her down to her husband. Ioannis wasattired in a blue-black groom suit, with a pair of black Louis Vuitton lace-ups and cufflinksfrom Hermes. Floral poetry remained low-key as the whole style of that wedding, so fromthe wedding bouquet till the church’s decorations white and green florals seized ourglimpse. A traditional entrance where musicians from the island accompany the groom andthe bride to the church, was arranged offering a pure originated sense to the day. Smallalleys paved with stone, blue door frames and the famous Mykonian windmills backdroppedtheir portraits captured by destination wedding photographer Sotiris Tsakanikas.

The reception open-air hall was right where the waves crushed the shore of Mykonos.Traditional Greek pale blue tables and chairs, transparent crystals and white plates, silvercutlery and white napkins intervened smoothly to the golden pinky scenery. Discreet floraldécor and some dots of Greek wedding treats for the guests framed a supreme plain chicwedding reception in Greece.


Mykonos Island


Photography: Sotiris Tsakanikas

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