What an aethereal elopement this was! All the beauty in the world cannot describe the majesty of this elopement that made us love Santorini even more. Destination Photographer Anna Roussos, with her artistic approach, provided us with some amazing pictures that narrate a truly romantic story of love.

Dressed in pink hues, this elopement spoke to our hearts. The happy couple chose Santorini as their location, an island known for its elegance and magnificent scenery. The bride looked gorgeous in her rich wedding dress, holding a vivid bouquet that matched perfectly her wedding gown.

We absolutely adored the concept of this photoshoot, all chic and stylish, diving softly in the romance that Zanyika and Werner felt in the most special day of their lives. They danced by the chapel, kissed on the top of it and finally exchanged vows in front of a breathtaking view.

The setting, minimal and filled with flair, was enhanced by this marvelous arch that was embraced beautifully by colorful flowers and greenery on the left top, a detail that makes you wonder how much more glorious an elopement can get. You should definitely check out this fantastic wedding table that is full of pink sparkles, a wedding table of unparallel beauty as it stands in front of the vast blue sea.

Moreover, you will most certainly fall in love with the images of the couple hugging on the wedding table, gazing at their future united and filled with hope. How romantic can it be holding each other after your wedding ceremony and enjoying your wedding day in a way that only you two can appreciate?

Santorini is a remarkable example of an island that can host luxurious, majestic, unforgettable destination weddings. With all its breathtaking view and the venues that provide you with everything you need, it is certain that you will enjoy your wedding day in the fullest. Of course, an elopement in Santorini can prove to be one of the most vivid and memorable experiences you may live in your life. We totally recommend it.

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Photography: Anna Roussos


Santorini island


Creative Studio: Velvet Rose Studio| Wedding and Event Planning: Julia and Evita| Videography: Iraklis Rigas| Florals: Betty Flowers Santorini| Wedding Venue: Cocoon Suites

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