This destination wedding in Peloponnese truly stands out! As elegant and chic as it gets, this wedding is a spectacle for the eyes.

Destination photographer Vasia Han captured some amazing images of Katia and Pavlos, a lovely couple that shines with happiness in the following photos. Wedding planning and design agency White Ribbon Events created something extraordinary, with a stylish decoration based on olives, in a color palette of white and olive green.

We fell in love with this destination wedding, since it includes Greek elements and everything seems to blend smoothly together.

The gorgeous bride, Katia, states:

“We first met in 2011 on our first day of work together, and nothing ever materialized… the timing wasn’t right. Three years later, fate brought us together when we ran into each other again in January of 2014 and have been inseparable ever since!”

When asked about the reasons they chose to travel to Greece for their wedding, Katia replied:

“We had travelled to Greece twice and were absolutely in love with the country. I remember on one of our first dates, we had spoken about Pavlos attending a destination wedding, and loving it - I told him it was always my dream to get married in Europe (luckily, I found my soulmate who wanted just the same). Pavlos has most of his family living in Greece, so it was such a blessing to have both our immediate families together in the most beautiful country! Greece, with its beauty, is one of the best places a couple could have for their wedding.”

Katia also talked about the choices of the venue and the decoration, as well as for the surprise of her wedding:

“We both wanted a very intimate venue that felt like our back garden and we discovered a beautiful villa purged in a secluded olive grove, which was the perfect setting for such a reception. The menu was designed to incorporate many local dishes so that guests travelling from afar could experience the Greek cuisine while we designed our own signature drinks that were offered to guests at the bar.

The decor was inspired by the natural surroundings and therefore using lots of foliage and seasonal wild flowers mixed with soft cream white garden roses. The task was to make everything look handpicked and organic therefore we used only earthy tones in all other decorative elements. White Ribbon Boutique events, with Vana and her team, helped us plan our wedding to the detail and walked us through each planning detail with professionalism.

The most beautiful surprise came from my brother who requested a custom swing to be incorporated in the décor, that resembled the one we used to have in our first home as kids. The reveal of the surprise between us was one of the most touching and heartfelt moments of my wedding.”

Finally, she gave some advice to the brides to be:

“My advice is to find a good wedding photographer in order to capture every single intimate detail of the most beautiful day of their lives.”

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